The BEST Summer Activities for Kids!

Here are the BEST summer activities for children, all neatly wrapped in one post so you can pin them up and come back to them often, with a bonus FREE SUMMER ACTIVITY POSTER to download and print also! Scream!

With the long school breaks coming, many of us think, “Oh NO! What will I do with the children to hire them ?! ”Don’t worry, I have all the ideas you need to play, create and be active ALL summer. The best part? They are all EASY and their preparation takes very little time, which means that you will also relax – win!

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And try all these fun ideas from my Imagination Tree blog archive:

Make and paint with Frozen Ice Paints!

Make Chalk spray paint for outdoor art experiences

Create your own Chalk recipe on the sidewalk

Make DIY sand clay and create handprints or keepsakes!

Do it Underwater scene on a paper plate!

Make it fragrant DIY puffed painted ice cream!

Create ocean in an egg carton!

Grow and play with water beads!

Do some bubble wrap printing puffy fish!

Make friendship bracelets or exchange bands and exchange them with friends!

Make a glass of activity for quick ideas and a blessing of boredom!

Camp in the garden, look at the stars and roast marshmallow on an open fire!

Freeze flowersleaves, pom poms, buttons or small toys in large ice cubes and thaw them using sprays.

Make sparkling potions!

Freeze Dinosaurs to create ice eggs! Ideal for a hot day.

Set edible muddy animal / tractor washing station!

Use chips to do this go for the color catcher hunting!

Create backyard digging pit and sandpit area!

Create an absolutely amazing outdoor gaming space! You can find many ideas in my post here.

Wash and dry the dolls in a tuff tray

Make flower soup!

Color rainbow rice and play with him all summer!

Make cloudy dough with the scent of lavender!

Create Slime and experiment with adding different ingredients!

Create some DIY shells fossil prints in salty dough!

Cut off the end of the plastic bottle, add a sock over it and immerse in the bubble mixture Blow up giant bubble snakes!

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I hope you have a great summer FILLED with GAME, creative art activities and outdoor adventures that you will have memories of for a lifetime!

With these best summer activities for children, you can be sure that you will have a lot of work together! Share this post with friends and family or parents at the school you teach to share love and promote my site. Thanks!

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