Natural Fruit Play Dough Recipes

Prepare these natural fruit dough recipes for a sensual game with young children! Great sequel to our natural dyes for dough and a beautiful way to combine natural scents with natural dyes.

The archives of the game dough are still growing here on the blog! I recently wrote about our all natural dyes for play doughplus fun post about matcha green tea here also.

This time, I revisited some of the fruit dough ideas we tried a few years ago and combined them with a few new flavors to create a new post with everyone in one place.

I will soon be creating a MEGA collection of everything we have ever made (at least 50+!) And it will be a great place for you in one place, where you will find all the information you ever need for fun making dough!


Recently, my little one and I started preparing 6 servings of fruit dough.

It is very easy to make these natural fruit variations of the dough. All you need is fresh fruit and the usual ingredients 4-minute dough recipe without cooking (Click on the link for easy instructions!)

After making a batch of smooth dough, add 1-2 teaspoons of freshly squeezed juice and knead thoroughly until it is still sticky. If necessary, add a small pinch of plain flour.

For rvariations of aspberry and blackberry we crushed 3 small fruits and finally added them to the dough itself. Kernels, pulp and everything! This created interesting textures, but also beautiful natural colors.

During production variations of lime, clementine and lemon finally, add a few teaspoons of freshly grated bark to the dough. Thanks to that, the scent is really incredible!

To keep these as natural as possible, we either didn’t add any color at all or used some of our natural dyes, which you can read about at our previous post here.

We did:

Clementine playing dough

Juice + peel

Lime Play Dough

Juice + peel

Playing dough with lemon peel

Juice + peel

Raspberry playing dough

3x mashed raspberries

Blackberry Play Dough

3x crushed blackberries

Coconut dough for playing

This variation was made in a different way, which led to this bright white, creamy and exotic-smelling dough! Use this super simple method 2 ingredients from my previous post from coconut doughplus adding some dried coconut for interest and texture!

This is not the first time we have experimented with the production of fruit doughs and we will definitely return to them again because they smell so amazing!

If you haven’t tried it yet, I really recommend you try it and give it a try Autumn spices, herbgingerbread, chocolate and also lavender versions! They all evoke different seasons and can have wonderfully calming and sharpening effects when children play.

Play dough is and will ALWAYS be my favorite number one game material for children of ALL ages!

The nature of these fresh and natural fruit dough recipes means that they contain a little flesh and peel. For this reason, of course, it does not last as long as regular dough.

However, you can pack them and store them in the fridge to last them as long as possible. My estimate would be a maximum of 1-2 weeks. AMAZING scent is worth the benefits of sensory play!

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