Dream about adder

He dreams of Adder is a signal of health concerns. You are experiencing some deep-rooted fears of the subconscious. You are especially sarcastic. Your dream is a hint of something or someone who is your partner. You are hiding from something or someone in your life.

Viper is a harbinger of your level of self-confidence and self-esteem. You are trying to sort out aspects of your life. You need to address your feelings and problems before they do more harm in the long run. This dream means your anxiety about visiting a gynecologist. You need to broaden your horizons or experience a new sense of spirituality.

He dreams of Adder [a person who adds numbers] refers to your attitude to religion. You are too aggressive and assertive. You have to stop and gain energy. This dream is a guide for some advice or a message from your subconscious. You incorporate a little diversity into your life.

He dreams of Adder [a machine that adds numbers] signals a mental challenge or problem in your life that you need to solve. You try to make your way by cheating on others. You are on the verge of emotional overload. A dream draws attention to feelings or problems from the past that you are still holding on to. You need to integrate and adapt to different environments.

He dreams of Adder [small terrestrial viper common in northern Eurasia] is a sign of your physical limitations and boundaries. You have to be careful who you interact with. You may need to make time for your vacation and rest. This dream points to your need to release your inhibitions and let go. You can keep your anger and aggression under control.

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