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I would absolutely like to invite all my dear readers of The Imagination Tree to follow me on my a new parenting page called PlayLab! You’ll love the PlayLab parenting site I’ve created for you!

It is like the best of the contents of the Tree of Imagination, but elevated to the next level for those who want easy-to-use material, informative Masterclass courses and the benefits of a gaming community of like-minded people! Best of all, I’m here to walk you through your playful parenting path, answer your questions, and help you come across a stumbling block.

There are already more than 1000 incredible parents in our membership and we can’t wait to join us the most unique gaming space on the internet!

What is PlayLab ?!

It is single point of contact for busy parents who want the best for their children in terms of developing learning and a healthy childhood based on play. The easy-to-use format is packed to the brim with practical learning, creativity and great challenges to play ideas. Current members have described PlayLab as “Netflix playful parenting ideas!”

What can you find on the PlayLab membership page?

  • Complex Play Foundations signing coursein 15 easy-to-track and easy-to-use modules
  • Regular DIY tutorial videos for the production of raw materials, playgrounds and toys
  • Weekly thematic PlayBooks charged with simple and achievable challenges to play, learn and create. It takes 5 minutes or less to prepare ideas and they are all designed by a teacher with the stated development benefits!
  • A regular story based PlayAlong seating for children to watch and get involved
  • Monthly MasterClass instructional videos on education, children’s development and parenting topics (these are SUPER popular with current members!)
  • PlayLab live forum discussions with Play Challenges so you can join
  • Monthly play posters print for inspiration
  • Regular Sitting questions and answers for troubleshooting
  • Fun game challenges increase dynamism and support growth
  • Exclusive access to our FB group of PlayLab members

Skip and add your name to the list and join PlayLab now!

What our current members say!

Read inspirational news from PlayLab members below!

In PlayLab you will find an incredible group of like-minded parents like you! Busy and exhausted, but they want the best for their children and they want a helping hand to guide them!

My own 4 children are now 12, 11, 9 and 6 years old. I myself am still a lot in the trenches of parental exhaustion! Let me help you with my experience, educational training and gaming experience to make the most of these crazy busy days with little underfoot, giving you MORE TIME for myself by reducing your workload and putting more INDEPENDENT GAMES into your home!

This is where MAGIC takes place when your child starts playing happily in self-controlled activities, so you will also play with him or continue your huge to-do list!

I only open the door twice a year for a very important reason. I want to be able to be by my side and support each new cohort of parents to help them make progress as quickly as possible towards the ultimate goals:

  • Less time on screen, more time to play and happy and prosperous childhood for kids!
  • more rest, support and encouragement for YOU!

So come and log in to your place before the door closes! You can join the waiting list here and we will send you an email as soon as the seats become available very soon.

I just can’t wait to meet you and start making life at home with children easier for you! PlayLab is suitable for baby-tween children and I have a real passion to extend play invitations to older children for as long as possible. You’ll find ways to make homework more fun and engaging, as well as great ideas for a playful date for older kids and how to encourage them to stay off the screen as creative as possible!

It’s really a ABSOLUTELY UNIQUE space! Come try it and see for yourself. There are no contracting agreements (YAY!), But I doubt you will want to leave as soon as you see the impact this will have on your family. Any questions, read on information page or send me an email and I’ll be happy to help!

I’ll be there!

Find register on my site PlayLab parenting site here!

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