The benefits of playing with play dough

We all know that play dough It is fun and popular with young children, but other than that it makes a mess of what it is really Good for? Here are wonderful benefits that allow children to play with the batter to play with, and the many learning opportunities that happen along the way!

article benefits of the game dough children
Using play dough (or actually any type of dough) in young children is beneficial for their development so many ways.
Here are some ideas, how wonderful, broken down into areas of development that it helps:
Development of fine motor skills:

The tractable the properties of the dough to play make it fun in investigation and exploration even in secret building strength in all the small muscles of the hands and tendons, thanks to which they are later ready to be operated with a pencil and scissors.

Pushing into objects and pulling them out of the dough strengthens the muscles of the hands and coordination

In a simple tactile game, it can be pressed, squeezed, rolled, straightened, chopped, cut, grooved, rakeed, pierced, poked and crushed! Each of these different actions helps to develop fine motor skills in a different way, not to mention hand-eye coordination and general concentration.

And once you add another element In addition, the list of benefits and creative gaming options is constantly growing!

These are the materials we must have ready for any playful dough free game meeting. We store them in jars in the cupboard and the girls can ask to add them to the dough. [See more in the photo below!]

ideas set of tools for playing dough

With a wide range other accessories use while playing expands the possibilities of investigation and playing indefinitely. Pushing the poles is a challenge and a new physical skill.

Pushing the garlic press leads to astonishment and amazement at how it changes shape, as well as when using a rough motor motion to achieve it.
Stabbing spaghetti requires a gentle hand and can lead to threading and folding shapes of pasta or beads over the top.

Providing boxes and containers with differently shaped compartments can lead to a game of cooking, sorting, assigning, sorting and counting, all naturally and without pressure on learning.

By providing objects from nature with wide range of texturescolors and shapes, children can have multisensory experiences and engage with the world around them in a whole new way.

play kids pizza dough
Use the leaves and herbs from the garden with a little pasta and spices to prepare a pizza from playful dough!
List of other add-ons needed to create game sets for free play!

This is by no means a complete list, but all of these elements can be used to create a lot of exciting, open end game times:

creatures to play with
rollers, plastic knives, scissors, pizza cutters
cupcakes in different sizes
colorful and natural feathers
cones, sticks, bark, leaves
muffin molds, egg boxes, chocolate boxes,
small cups and mannequins
candy cutters alphabet, numbers and shapes
shapes of pasta
glass pebbles
toy cars
wooden letters and numbers
fabric, netting and ribbons
match sticks and lollipop sticks

play dough ideas for learning
Imagination and creativity:

Once you introduce the open game items you want to add to the mix, the game dough will become the perfect medium for many species imaginative game and can represent so many things in a child’s eyes.

A glass of candles and cupcakes naturally leads to role-playing at a birthday party, counting candles and singing!
Glass pebbles and shells can lead to an imaginative little world by the sea with a story about sea creatures and mermaids.

It can be chocolate and sweets in the pastry shop, cakes and bread in the bakery, grass and mud in the garden center, sand or ice cream on the beach, soil, pebbles, ice or snow in the zoo / jungle / farm / ocean and so on!

The list is endless like a child’s fantasy.
Play Dough Pastry Shop Pastry Shop
Play the dough for the confectionery an imaginative game with a play dough with the scent of chocolate, strawberries and vanilla!
List of other flavors and textures that can be added to the batter:

smells and colors

cocoa powder
fruit juices
food coloring
food flavoring
essential oils

fruit tea
great tool


cous cous
coriander seeds
sesame seeds
rock salt
small pasta
glitter glue

Soothing and reassuring:

As any adult who has played with the dough can tell you, the effects of all that squeezing and pounding are great for relieving stress and can feel extremely therapeutic.

Young children may have difficulty expressing their emotions, and using the dough to speak and sing can really help this process. It is perfect for rides after a nap or after a long day at school or preschool and really helps children relax. My 11 year old STILL loves him!
This all-natural recipe for playing dough use of all natural plant extracts for dyes is really amazing!

How about adding some essential oils to create the perfect aromatherapy experience for the little ones!

Development of mathematics and literacy:

In a more focused game, the batter can be used as a fantastic way to practice working with letters and numbers. Children can form letters alphabetspell their own name, do numbersform 2D and 3D shapescompare length / thickness / weight, number rolled balls to match numeral cards, wrestle and sort by color and SO MANY other ideas!
Challenge them to throw 6 balls, add 11 sticks, create a 3D shape or even practice addition and subtraction! There are many ways to play and learn, and when you’re done, you can put them off for another day of playing and learning.
alphabet play dough
Creating imprints of letters in the dough by pushing wooden letters and then decorating with beads!
Science and discoveries:

The actual preparation of the game dough together with your child can lead to many questions and predictions. Here we have some solid materials (flour, salt, etc.) to which we add some liquids (oil, water.) What do you think will happen? What can we produce?

The child can explore and observe the changing state of the materials in a practical way and be full of amazement when a bowl of unrelated ingredients come together to form a sticky, then smooth and squeezing ball of dough! We often take these things for granted, but in the child’s eyes and hands it is quite a change!

Following the recipe and instructions, counting the cups, mixing and blending and just the opportunity to spend time on a joint project with an adult are meaningful and important experiences!

What an incredible substance is a dough to play with! Let’s all start using it as part of our daily play and learning with the little kids we care about!

making cupcakes with dough
I am officially a fan of the dough and I will praise him every day. If you want proof of this, check out my archive more than 50 amazing recipes and variations of dough for playing !!
Here you will find a plethora of dough ideas that will keep you busy for next year or two!
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