Best Ever Christmas Crafts and Activities for Kids!

It’s another amazing time of the year! Here are the best Christmas crafts and activities for children ever from the huge Imagination Tree archive!

There is enough for your children to cheerfully play, create and learn for the coming Christmas! Here is a whole collection of sensory games, crafts, fine motor skills and fun educational activities with a Christmas theme.

I hope you enjoy this best collection of Christmas activities and crafts for kids! Browse the following topics by topic and choose what to do first!

PLAY Dough

Play Dough is a great gift for do-it-yourselfers when presented in a glass and attached to a cookie cutter or mini roller. It is also wonderful to plant trays in addition to interesting loose parts and decorations in sensory and subtle motor invitations, of which there is an inexhaustible amount at this time of year!

You can find the best EVER PRECIPE FOR THE DOUGH HERE on my site. It’s the number 1, tried and tested DIY recipe in the world, with many millions of savings and happy reviews over the last decade!

Over the years, we have used SO MANY ways at home and in the classroom. Here are some examples of how to boost your creative juice!

Christmas tree play dough decorating with loose parts

The the best recipe for gingerbread dough without cooking! Its production takes only 4-5 minutes and it is the most beautiful sensory gift that can be added to a stocking!

Candy Cane Play Dough tray invitation, with red and white dough for playing (scented with mint oil), candies, red and white decorations and loose parts to explore.

Dough recipe with white snow! This bright white dough looks amazing with glitter!

Winter batter Invitation to play with white batternatural free parts and forest creatures.

Winter wonderland playing dough with glittering loose parts, bells and wooden snowflakes added as loose parts!


Salty dough is made so easy using the daily necessities of the pantry. It is an amazing modeling material for your own use, which lasts indefinitely and is ideal for creating hand and foot prints. We have a lot of salty dough souvenirs here at The Imagination Tree!

This monument to the imprint of the Christmas tree made of salty dough is especially suitable for the smallest hands and looks absolutely adorable decorated with fingerprint ornaments!

The peace dove handmade ornament is just beautiful and also spreads amazing news! Give one to your grandparents in memory.

The nativity scene handprint is my favorite we’ve ever created! Just too cute.

Rudolph’s memorial imprint is a super cute alternative!

This Hand print of Santa’s dough is our latest version, which we made this year, with added cotton balls for decoration! We used chalk markers for this, so decorating was SO fast!

Fingerprint Gingerbread Men decorations are as sweet as a smaller alternative!

Do you want a similar but unique clay for your decorations? Try mine recipe for white clay! It’s so beautiful.

Have you ever tried my very unique recipe for gingerbread clay ?! It smells wonderful and is also so easy to decorate. It looks like a real gingerbread hanging on a tree when it is made into an ornament and lasts indefinitely! One of my absolutely favorite inventions, of which I am very proud! You can find the recipe here on my website.


Washi ribbons and sticks are a great and easy way to decorate cardboard triangles and turn them into beautiful Christmas trees!

Paper plate of yarn wrap wreath is fun, simple and also great fine motor skills!

We did yarn wrap christmas trees and snowmen also!

You can find our yarn wrap treis here!

AND simple snowman stuffy with two arms and button details is a great first sewing project!

Cut the cardboard into circular shapes and decorate with chalk lips to create the sweetest, simple decorations for the tree!

Splitting pots are easy to make and are so amazing that they can also be used as gifts! This Pot in the shape of a Christmas tree one is one of our favorites.

Salad spinner ornaments and decorations can be made so easily with a shaped card, paint and glitter glue!

One of the best ways to make a gingerbread house is to make it out of cardboard and decorate it with chalk markers or paint sticks! It does not fall and cannot be eaten, so it will definitely last much longer! We used an ordinary cardboard decoupage house with a lid for decoration and they came out so beautifully, but you could also use a cardboard box!


These are always winners! Children of all ages can play together and engage their senses, develop motor skills while enjoying filling and defecation!

This fragrant mint rice with Christmas decorations and carrying cups is the perfect first seasonal tray to set up! We can find it out how to color rice IN ONE EASY STEP in my best method ever here on the Tree of Imagination.

This golden, cinnamon scentered tray is a feast for the senses!

Winter sensory table with counting twist!

Confectionery, bells, shiny ornaments, silk ribbons, cups wrapped in tape, red lentil pasta and beaded strings make an amazing red / white / silver feast for the senses! Just collect what you have, add it to the tray with ladles and containers and it will be an instant hit!


Amazing as a gift because kids always love it, and it’s very easy to make! We have sparkling snow slime,

gingerbread slime

and Recipes for slime on a Christmas tree here on the Tree of Imagination.

The frozen ice ring with glittering ornaments and beaded cords is an amazing investigative sensory game!

Did you know that you can make your own fake snow from just 2 ingredients? It’s an amazing feeling and can also be shaped! You can find my recipe for snow dough here on the Tree of Imagination.


There are so many easy ways to practice working on fine motor skills with ornaments, sensory materials, and DIY recycling games. Here are some of the favorites we’ve made over the years!

Threading kebabs from the leaves of the Christmas tree! Brilliant as part of forest hunting and for threading, stacking and sizing. Brilliant for young students and easily adapted to increase the level of challenge even for older people.

Wrap rubber bands, pompoms and bead strings around the painted cone “Christmas trees” to improve dexterity. They also look beautiful as decorations!

Do a DIY cardboard Christmas tree geo board use things everyday!

These shapes of Christmas trees for cleaning pipes and beads are so simple that even small hands complete them, and they train their fingers perfectly!


There are so many simple and fun ways to create some learning game activities with Christmas props and decorations! I like this game of adding a Christmas tree!

And this version of multiplication using dotted stickers even for older children!


Similarly, there are so many easy ways to customize these topics for teaching phonetics, visual words, storytelling, and writing!

This Game Snowman Sight Word Bingo is fun!

Sensory writing trays are a great way to practice handwriting, phonemes, names and see words! We have a whole collection of topics and ideas for a sensory tray here on the Tree of Imagination! Here are the best ones related to Christmas.

Gingerbread tray for sensory writing is perhaps the cutest with those little gingerbread cards with words and phonemes!

And the incredible colors of sensual writing from sugar canetray with the sugar wand as a tool for creating brands makes it a sure winner!

The Tray in the shape of a Christmas tree with a sparkling green sensory fill makes this amazing and appealing!

Sparkling snow is an exciting alternative!

AND Mail with a Christmas theme gives so many opportunities for playful literacy!

Arctic Small world in a suitcase is an amazing toy for DIY, gift or game from a small world ready to create! You can read how we did it here.

And it’s very easy create a nativity scene for retelling the story with playmobil figures, cardboard boxes and a bit of hay!


Christmas time offers the most amazing range of visually appealing, tactile and noisy sensory materials in the form of decorations, tinsel, bells and more! Simply present them safely and watch carefully as the child examines the materials using stockings, boxes, bags and baskets.

This Christmas sensual basket is a great place to start!

Add the same items to the stocking for a sensory bag alternative!

These Christmas sensory tubes are a great way for children to take a closer look at smaller materials they might not otherwise be able to touch. Stuffed with beads, mini pine cones, rosemary spread, shimmering water, shimmering rice and mock snow!

Are you looking for a fun Advent tradition for your children that will teach KINDRY and EMPATHY? Come learn all about Traditions of kindness of elves which I created for my own children, which is now a story and a set that you can buy too! Find original post about it here and Kindness Elves shop here.

There is still not enough the best Christmas crafts and activities for children?! Check out our COMPLETE CHRISTMAS ARCHIVE HERE!

I hope you enjoyed this selection of the best Christmas crafts and activities for children! Enjoy a BEAUTIFUL Christmas and enjoy lots of new ideas and traditions this year!

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