Paint Chip Colour Scavenger Hunt

Have this fun outdoor gaming activity with this DIY chip hunting game! Great for a nature-themed activity that entertains children and entertains them when they play outside, in the garden, in the park, in the woods or in a forest school.

Paint chip activities are so much fun because resources are free and there are so many different ways to customize them for play and creativity. You can find them in the hardware store or DIY in the paint section and you can take them home as a sample card. I tend to ask before I take them because I want so many at once, so you may want to check the case as well! In general, they are very willing to have them.

How to catch chip catchers:

Required materials:

color the smart cards in different natural colors that you could actually find outside

If possible, find the ones with the windows, because they are the PERFECT little color matching finders!

single punch

metal buckles for rings

Both the one-hole punch and ring clips are useful for many other small DIY games and art activities, so it’s worth adding them to your DIY toolkit.

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Simply pierce the hole in the top corner opposite where the chip color name is written (you want you to still be able to read them for fun!) And arrange them in any order. I wanted to try grouping the colors together and even having them in a bit tonal order, but it was quite difficult. Let the children also suggest how to arrange them.

Then attach them to the metal ring and snap them into place.

Ready to go and play a game of chip color hunting!

We made a few circles with graphs and went to the park (through the cafe!) And started trying to match the colors with what we found. Some items weren’t even in nature and went well with each other, such as a mint pepper mill on a table in a cafe!

Of course, in some periods it works better than in others, because we were able to color-match a lot of different variations of flowers that were in full bloom at the time.

It would be great for a holiday so you can look at the unusual flora in foreign places!

But the shades of green were also rich, and in some ways the most difficult to compare with, because there were so many variations everywhere, on the trees, leaves, grasses, and stems!

In fact, I think it would be great to create the whole hunt for the color of chips using ONLY shades of green! Especially for older children, it would be a really great challenge and it could be a great challenge before a series of art lessons about creating a range of shades of one color.

Continue your study / giant cooperative image according to Rosseau’s “Tiger in a Tropical Storm” and it would be amazing!

This activity was inspired by the absolutely amazing Valerie from Inner Child Fun, who did a similar activity for color matching years and years back!

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