Space Small World Play

Let’s make a super fast space little world to play using several sensor-rich game materials in a small tray. Ideal for a rainy afternoon at home with a preschooler, a space-themed theme in class or an invitation after school to play!space little world to play

if you follow me on Instagram You will know that I regularly post really simple invitations to play ideas for my kids, often for a break after school. They are currently 4-10 years old and these ideas seem to appeal to everyone in the same way. which means they get screenless fun and soothing old-fashioned play after a busy day.

This three-dimensional little world play tray was one of these ideas, and when I have the opportunity, I’ll share another of our simplest ideas on the blog.

space little world to play

How to set up a game with a small universe:

Required materials:

rice colored black (follow my rice one step tutorial here how to do it!)


glittering gems

mini mirror disco ball (We happened to have it and it was a fun addition, but not essential!)

mini space figurines

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space little world to play

Watch a video with easy setup here:

Turn on the disco ball and PLAY, play, PLAY!

space little world to play

This is a great starter for imaginative gaming, storytelling and use with space-themed books!

Open the lid on the tub and take it out for another day of play or in case of emergency!A small world game with a space theme for children!

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You will find a whole collection of simple sensory games in it SENSORY GAME and SMALL WORLD GAME archives.

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