Osmo Interactive Learning Games for Kids!

At this time of locking and closing schools, I have just discovered a number A wonderful educational clever game called Osmo which are a great tool for parents. We recently teamed up to work together, which I rarely do here on the Tree of Imagination because I often don’t find products that I really believe are in line with my philosophy of learning through open-ended creative play.

However, with Osmo, I was really impressed by the ingenuity of these games, because they very cleverly balanced the time spent at the screen with interactive materials, which means that the child is fully involved, active and engaged during the game! As such, they are not passive at all, instead they require a lot of problem solving, creativity and thinking to be used in the game.

The difference lies in the fact that the space in front of the screen becomes an interactive play pad, where children use real manipulators to answer questions, create images they see on the screen, and solve problems.

There are many different programs that can be downloaded with the accompanying kits purchased to match them. These include educational games (ABC, Words, Stories, Numbers, Tangrams), creativity (The Magic of Scribbles, Masterpieces and Design (Newton, Costume Party) and coding, which my children loved most!

I was so impressed by their design and ingenuity. There is something for all ages (3-11 years old) and between the Little Genius Starter Kit, the Genius Starter Kit and the Coding with Awbie, everyone has found something on their own level that is a challenge or an inspiration.

My older girls love creative sets and the game Coding with Awbie. They learned some coding at school and it seems to be a really good challenge for them. I’m already interested to look at the other coding sets that are available!

My little ones love the challenges of interactive math games and also Squiggle Magic, which brings their creations to life as on-screen animations. It’s amazing to watch their faces light up when they realize it’s their own creation in front of them, they think it’s pure magic!

They even get feedback and encouragement from cute characters during the games, which is wonderful! If they make a mistake, they are gently called upon to try again, and the effort is praised, which is exactly the right way for them to build on their experience and improve.

I am so glad that we have had the opportunity to check out these sets and plan to use them as an everyday part of our home learning in the coming months. This is the kind of screen time I have no fault with because I know how educational and interactive it is.

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This is a sponsored post in relation to Osmo. All opinions and words are mine.

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