Dream about animal

The dream of an animal symbolizes your fight against adversity. You are worried or dealing with a legal issue in your life. You let others decide for you. The dream is a sign of many great obstacles and challenges that you have to overcome. You may be going through a period of self-examination.

Animal is a symbol of a problem or unresolved issue in your marriage. It is necessary to approach things head on. You may need to reduce your spending or stick to your budget. This dream is a sign of your anxiety or ambivalence about male / female roles or passive / aggressive behavior. You need to seek professional help to deal with a harmful problem.

The dream of an animal [a living organism characterized by voluntary movement] is a signal to your feelings of sadness. You’re too lenient. You have to stop dealing with small details. This dream means your unyielding attitude. Life is too precious and it is necessary to make the most of it every day.

The dream of an animal [marked by the appetites and passions of the body] signals your need to escape a restrictive situation or attitude. You need to adapt to a different perspective and a new understanding of the problem. You are afraid that others will rely on you, and you are afraid to satisfy the needs of others. This dream is a sign of financial worries and anxieties. Maybe you need a temporary escape from reality.

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