How to Dye Pasta for Sensory Play

This is the easiest method to color pasta for sensory play in just one step! Just like mine super simple instructions for colored rice, I guarantee that you will not have to use the old method again after trying it! The preparation only takes a few minutes, drying an hour or so and then it’s ready to play with it again and again indefinitely!

I can still see people sharing quite laborious methods of coloring rice and pasta for a sense game, and it reminds me that I have to share my much easier way to do it! Mostly I try to limit myself in these things because I just don’t have the time and I’m always sure there’s a faster way to do it. I’m pretty sure most of you would also prefer to be prepared for all activities as quickly and easily as possible, right ?!

How to color pasta for sensory play

In one simple step!

Required materials:

dry pasta (any shape)

normal color (tempera or acrylic both work well)

zippered bags or lots of mixing containers

paper towels or baking sheets


Simply tip the selected shape of pasta (uncooked) into a series of zippered bags or bowls. Spray to the desired paint color and mix thoroughly. Tip on a paper towel or baking sheet and let dry for 1-2 hours. Done!

You can watch the super simple video here!

I promised it would be easy and not a lie! The pasta will be light, colorful and will last indefinitely. The color does not shrink during play. YOU DO NOT NEED vinegar or alcohol gel to fix these colors (yikes, because it also stinks terribly!)

Now think of countless fun ways to play and learn with your new sensory basket filler! Hurrah!

To get to know it for the first time, simply fill the tub and let it fill and empty the containers using ladles or spoons. Add cardboard tubes so they can start dropping them and see where they’re going! Mini muffin molds are a fun addition, as are ice molds and paper cake wrappers.

Try using colored paper cups for natural color sorting to get started. Add giant pliers or tweezers to support the development of fine motor skills during the game.

Add small animal toys and create a small world game scene!

The possibilities are endless and these colored pasta can be used in many ways from sensory play to counting, ordering, sorting and collage.

I have a full archive of them SENSUAL IDEAS PLAY here so you can start with more inspiration! All are simple and achievable, I promise!

How about making some BAROEN CHICKPEAS next?!

And here’s how to do it RICE COLORING FOR SENSORY GAME using the same method!

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Thank you 🙂

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