Hidden Numbers Game for Preschoolers

Have hidden wonderful fun number game for preschoolers Practice learning their numbers!

I love practical learning activities that have a touch of magic and real fun.

This activity is VERY easy and VERY easily adaptable to suit a number of different learning objectives. So hopefully you will find a way to use it for your own children!

How to create a hidden numbers game for your kids

You will need:

  1. transparent serving or baking dish
  2. piece of card
  3. highlighter
  4. rainbow rice (Click here to find out how to do it easily!)
  5. brush

Simply find a piece of paper that matches the size of the underside of the clear baking tray. With us, the A4 worked perfectly.

Write down on this paper all the numbers that your child is currently earning, or move on to further learning to include an element of challenge. My four-year-old loves “big” numbers and can now read double digits with some ease. He’s really interested in hundreds of numbers, but he can’t read them for sure yet, so this is the next step.

You can choose to write their name, the letters they are learning, see the words or even calculations to solve. Draw shapes, stick stickers with animals / vehicles / dinosaurs – anything is possible! Start with your child and take it from there.

Now slide this sheet under the ready-to-use bowl.

Pour a thin layer of rainbow rice into the bowl (or choose colored salt or another sensory base filling material.)

Then simply place a brush next to it and ask your child to find the hidden surprises!

This is such a fun and enriching little game that is sure to please every child, because he just LOVES secret surprises!

Also, check out a simple video with instructions and footage from the game:

I hope you enjoyed this super simple hidden numbers game for preschoolers! Tick ​​me if you create a version, I’ll be happy to see it and share it again Instagram!

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