The Ultimate Guide to the Kindness Elves!

Here is The ultimate guide to Elven favors and how to use them in your home or classroom in December this year (and throughout the year!) to encourage the development of empathy, compassion, and kindness in children.

The ultimate guide of elves favors!

As you know, I passionately shared it Elven favors for many years here on the Tree of Imagination since I first came up with an idea for this wonderful new tradition in 2013!

Now I have a brand new store website called Imagination Tree Store where you can buy Sets of kind elves, a set of accessories, a story book and electronic resources that you can use in your own home and school! They are all so useful for making tradition as easy as possible, but over time you could also collect them slowly.

If you want to start, I recommend Grab a BUNDLE store because they combine all the necessary parts of the tradition of kind elves rolled up into one super advantageous price!

Over the years, we have had and constant current BEAUTIFUL, positive feedback about the simple but powerful effect these little elves have had on your own children or those in your care, and that you like to spread the word about them to anyone looking for a great new tradition to learn!

So if you’re just starting out with Elven favors Or whether you are a solid fan, here is the perfect guide to using them at home or in the classroom to provide ideas and magical ways to spread this favor!

Step 1.

Order your kind elves! Well, it seems simple, but of course you have to give these magical friends time to fly around the world and find their homes! We supply worldwide.

If you order during this coming week, we have plenty of Black Friday benefits for you, including a free coloring book for those who order today by Tuesday 26. And more sweet deals will be added later this week closer to Thanksgiving.

If you make a tradition of kind elves before Christmas, then be sure to order ours as well Electronic book of 12 days of Christmas favors Also, because it is full of suggestions and cards of deeds of kindness ready to print and go!

Step 2.

Read your children The book The Story of the Elves Kindness Prepare a scene, explain who they are, and then talk about how amazing it would be if one day they came to visit your home!

Step 3

Welcome the elves of kindness and introduce them with a small handwritten note! We include one of them in the set of accessories, but you can also write your own!

Remind the children that the elves of kindness only visit homes where children are so kind and can help them in their kindness missions, and that will be a great encouragement to them!

Step 4.

Discuss with your child what acts of kindness you could do with the elves of kindness. At this stage, I always think it’s helpful for you to look in your diary and find out what events are up to, for example, if there is a singalong at a local nursing home next Saturday, select THIS day and write your favor proposal from the Elves of Kindness on “ go visit the nursing home in the nursing home! ”

It’s as simple as checking what’s going on on the spot and planning a little ahead so you can combine activities and make it a little easier at this busy time of year!

Make a list of your child’s ideas, no matter how fun or silly they may be, and try to design as many of them as possible from the elves in the next week or two.

Step 5:

Go with the elves favors by the side of the card with a proposal for an act of heart-shaped favors that children can find the next morning or after school. Maybe put them next to the things needed to complete the act of kindness, such as a proposal to bake cookies for neighbors next to a bowl and ingredients. Use the favor deed cards that are included set of accessories and e-book 12 days of Christmas that really saves time!

Step 6:

Help your child complete the act of kindness!

Praise them for their efforts and talk about how much of a difference it will make for someone else.

Here is a photo of my daughter who decided to ask her friends to donate their shoes to charity at her “kind birthday party” for one year! This picture fills me with great joy at the memory of the sweet idea she had.

Step 7:

Next to them, place a mini postcard from the elves of kindness, which thanks the children for their kind deed. Encourage them to put it in the Little Book of Great Favors! Here you will find a huge set of mini postcards and also a souvenir book awesome accessory package!

Step 8:

Repeat this daily for 12 days of Christmas favors (which we hold from December 13 to 24.)

We do this time period because it is shorter, more accessible and at the same time allows for other holiday loads! We practiced this tradition throughout the Advent season and we were easily tired.

This method works much better, but of course you can try any method that suits you!

We also organize voluntary campaigns in other seasons, not only at Christmas.

Step 9:

On Christmas Day, let your elves kindly leave a farewell message and maybe a pair of Christmas pajamas or a fairy tale book as a farewell gift!

A note may say that they liked the visit and will definitely return soon, maybe in the spring. Encourage them to stay kind and show others how to do it!

In class:

If you are a teacher, continue this tradition every week in your classroom with the help Kind eLearning learning materials. The elves like to join you at school, watch how wonderful the children are, and suggest simple everyday favors that they can show to each other and to the school staff.

We had AMAZING feedback from teachers they tell us that their classes have been transformed by small visitors and they tell that they now stay all year round! Many schools have also accepted it as a school-wide positive learning system with amazing results.

In summer:

We operate a Amazing Camp Favor An idea for an activity-based summer program that you can use during the school holidays to encourage your children to show kindness for 6 weeks!

We recommend doing it in groups, with friends or just in your own family. It is a beautiful combination of crafts, busy activities and acts of kindness that will entertain children during the long summer holidays and help them always return to the priority of caring for others.

Some kids who did Camp Kindness even brought news to the US for a year! It’s quite a phenomenon and another great way to use elf favors all year long!

Glad to hear from you and over the years we have gathered some amazing quotes from parents, grandparents and teachers! Please add yours, which we like to share, by e-mail, comment or message on Instagram!

Share your winnings for kindness with other parents and teachers on our social media accounts using the hashtag #thekindnesselves

We can’t wait to see YOUR acts of kindness and the wonderful way elves kindness have an impact on your family and in your schools.

The ultimate guide of elves favors!

I hope this The ultimate guide to elf favors was helpful!

Please share it with others and tell them about the Kind Elves tradition today!

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