Sensory Invitations to Play Cards

Discover my brand new Sensory Invitations to Play cards, which are now on sale and are ready to change your playing time at home or in the classroom!

So what are they Sensual invitations to play cards ?!

The Sensual invitations to play cards They are basically a textbook of activities in a unique format consisting of 52 great ideas and sensory recipes on big cards that you can use with small children at home or in the classroom!

The cards are attached to a large hook that can be unbuckled so they can be easily flipped through and then removed and used.

The robust, wipeable surface makes them particularly user-friendly for small children and the inevitable playful clutter they create together!

When done, simply hang the cards by the string or slide them back into their drawstring cotton bag ready for the next time you need another game idea. So easy!

I have wanted to start this series Invitation to playing cards for ages and I ARE SO LIKE to finally share this long-planned, very beloved project with you !!

Keep your eyes on the stopwatch so that the next part of the series will be released early next year, hopefully.

If you are a follower on Instagram soon you will be able to comment and add your vote on which topic I will publish next time. I write them with respect to YOU! My goal is to make it easier for you to play with your little ones. If one family or class is invited to play more, I will be a happy girl!

Practical details: We are able to supply these WORLDWIDE and stands for very reasonable 14.99 GBP!

You can buy Sensual invitations to play cards here on my brand new Imagination Tree Store website!

These are great for children of ALL agesfrom toddler age to the end of primary / primary school age.

For small children at home, I would choose something from the book and give it as an invitation to play after a nap or as the first thing in the morning (whenever you find that you need a focused joint game the most!)

For older children, I would let them choose for themselves and then either do it together (which prolongs the playful connection time) and play, OR I will find something fun to prepare as an invitation to play after school / kindergarten / kindergarten! It has immediate concentration and a calming effect and can also be great for a snack.

Classrooms are great for hook-and-pull storage to find your favorite recipes that you go to every time you plan activities for next week!

No more breaking when searching for a semi-written recipe or clicking on my site to get it fast! YEAH!

Main advantages:

  • easy to use and clean format
  • great ideas at your fingertips
  • more playful connections with your child
  • Enjoy hot coffee and sit down knowing they are playing purposefully!Sensual invitations to play cards

OF COURSE, be very careful when using small objects around children who keep putting something in their mouths. Never let a small child play unattended!

I hope you fall in love with them as much as I do! BUY YOUR SENSORY CALL INVITATIONS HERE NOW!

Thank you xxx

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