Easter Egg Pebble Craft

Create a super simple but beautiful invitation to create with nature and make this pebble craft of Easter eggs together!

Ideal for different ages (including adults!) To make beautiful decorations or gifts for spring.Make a pebble craft from Easter eggs!

WE LOVE crafts and gaming activities that use materials from nature, because they really bring the most beautiful results!

This week we were on the beach in Cornwall and we loved playing and creating using natural materials as much as possible. As Easter approaches, we have decided to hunt oval, flat pebbles on the beaches and decorate them like Easter eggs!

Over the years we have done a LOT of pebble decorating and you will find lots of examples of pebble decorating for the game and also for educational activities in the archives.

They are SO versatile sources and just great as a material for loose parts for easy counting, sorting and use during the game.

After we found some suitably shaped pebbles, we simply decorated them these chalk markers. We have tried several brands over the years and these seem to last the longest and bring the most vivid results.

For a finer and more detailed result, you should try these painting pens which we used in previous posts to decorate pebbles.

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I absolutely love the suggestions they came up with!

Stains, stripes, zigzags, waves, colored blocks, small dots, crosses, leaves and flowers were all in the mix. I like how they all evolved differently. I also really enjoyed being creative and painting next to them!Easter egg pebble craft for kids

So how could you use this pebble craft of Easter eggs?

Simply build them as part of the Easter decoration. Use them as placemarks for special communal meals.

Easter egg Pebble Craft with a cross

Write people’s names on the back and give them as a gift.

Write something special like a message and hide it for strangers to find in the park or on the beach!easter egg pebble craft

Have your child or others collect them as part of the Easter egg hunt as an alternative gift idea for chocolates!

easter egg pebble craft

Use them in learning and playing. Children could create a huge number and sort them by color or pattern, sort them by size, or simply count on them.

Stand them with bunnies and let them play an imaginative Easter game!

I love the idea of ​​decorating with Easter pebbles and once we’re home, we’ll put them on the mantelpiece and table ready for some celebrations this weekend!

Easter egg pebble craft for spring

And when we were gone, we also created the wonderful beach art of Easter Egg using the natural materials we found on the beach! If you follow me on the instagram, you will see all these ideas the way we do them. I write there daily and I’d like you to join me.Easter Egg Beach Land Art in the spring!

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