Dream about aneurysm

An aneurysm dream is a sign of your worries that you will not be able to cope with the pressures and stresses of everyday life. You celebrate the end of your old ways and welcome a new beginning. You are looking for consent so that you can move towards your goals or the next phase of your life. The dream states your inevitable duties. You stand for what you believe in, even if you go against the majority.

Aneurysm states his views. You feel that you do not meet the ideals or expectations of others. You need to be more dedicated and reach out to others when they need it. A dream is a message for the direction of your life and the decisions you have made on your journey. You must choose your companions carefully.

An aneurysm dream [a cardiovascular disease characterized by a saclike widening of an artery resulting from weakening of the artery wall] draws attention to relationships and how male aspects are in opposition to female aspects. You’re upside down. Something in your life is incomplete or unresolved. Your dream is nervousness or fear. You are in trouble or in a difficult situation.

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