Dream about amputated

A dream of amputation is a harbinger of the end of a situation, habit or relationship in your life. You completely accept someone as they are. Something in your life is imperfect. Your dream means rebellion. He tries to show himself in the relationship.

Amputated is a help for thoughts from the primordial aspects and the less developed parts of your subconscious. You need to purify your emotions and get rid of all the negativity you experience in your life. You are doing some soul searching and looking into yourself. Your dream is to control, empower or manipulate. You do not think clearly and refuse to see the truth.

A dream of amputation [remove surgically] it is a metaphor for despair and hopelessness. You need to take a deep breath between your problems. Maybe you have unlocked an aspect of your subconscious. A dream is proof of control over your emotions. You need to be more direct when you tell others how you feel.

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