Dream about a big wall

The dream of a great wall points to celebration, joy, and youth, especially when children play in it. You can be a slave to your work, your family, some habit or some obsession. An idea has been planted in your mind and a new experience is being created. Your dream is a proof of cycles and transformations. You carry a big burden.

The Great Wall is a sign of potential change or unexpected. You are careful about the risks you are taking. It’s time to let go. The dream is your successes and the high goals you have set. You feel like you’re destroying yourself.

Dreaming of the Big and Wall

Big dream means feelings of patriotism and duty to the homeland. Someone you loved is ready to see for yourself. You need to take the initiative and act now. A dream indicates your ultimate concern. You’re afraid to show your true feelings and let people in.

Big in this dream he refers to a tangled situation. It may be easier for you to isolate yourself instead of risking trials from others. You deny the problem. This dream means school and learning. There is something or someone you have to stand up to.

A dream wall indicates a warning or emergency signal of its kind. You are in trouble or in a difficult situation. Maybe you’re careful or mysterious. The dream is the key to the transition phase that occurs in your life. You have to move more.

wall the dream is a sign of your guilt indulgences. You need to make a fundamental reassessment of your goals and life path. You need to take a more unconventional approach to the situation. Your dream points to your casual attitude towards a decision. You need to use your problem-solving skills.

The dream of both the “Great” and the “Wall” refers to property, pride, shame, money / financial affairs, or aggressive actions. When you face minor obstacles, you find that things are not going as smoothly as expected. You feel that someone is not always there for you. Your dream shows monotony and endless repetition. You feel that your time is running out and that you will not be able to meet your goals within the set time.

The dream of a great wall is a help for understanding and something you need to be aware of. You go through a certain form of transition in your life. You must choose a different approach. This dream means a time of healing and discipline. You have to keep going and let go.

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