What Do Sex Dreams Mean? 5 Scenarios and Their Meanings

What do sexual dreams mean? 5 Scenarios and their meanings

Have you ever dreamed of sexual dreams at night? You are not alone. They are a normal part of our life. They are relatively safe to have whether you are single, in a relationship or getting married.

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Why do you have sex dreams?

Dreams usually relate to what is happening in our waking life. If your days are full of stress and anxiety, you are likely to have unpleasant dreams.

A number of psychologists state this sexual dreams do not suggest any ways of dissatisfaction with your relationship or sex life. Rather, they are means for unpacking intense emotions and feelings. Conflicting feelings around sex usually signal an area where we are ready to heal and grow. These symbols and images always connect to your feelings, wishes or things you are trying to resolve.

What do sexual dreams mean?

In order to capture the essence of the dream, it would be better to focus on the symbolic representation. By focusing on experiencing the sensations in your dream, you will find the potential emotional needs that your sex dream is trying to fulfill in your walk. Here are five of the most common scenarios that come up sexual dreams.

1. Sex with a stranger

Your active libido is a bit high and open communication with your partner can be a good start. Let them know how you feel, but still be sensitive to the fact that they may not feel the same way.

2. Sex with ex

It usually happens after a breakup and can mean anything from getting used to a new partner to unresolved grief from an ex. Give yourself some time to adjust to having sex with a new partner, which might be a good option in this situation.

3. Sleeping with someone you don’t like

If you meet a person you don’t like during the dream, it usually acts as a trigger. The dream enters the metaphorical game when it feeds on negative emotions, but you need to carefully consider the sexual act in the dream.

The meaning will depend on whether you were active or passive, which is to know whether you were emphasizing success or reliving humiliation from this person.

4. Sex in public

Having sex in public can mean that you are trapped in your sexual desires. Your superego could be warning you that you are exposing yourself too much to aspects of your life and making yourself vulnerable to social criticism.

5. Sex with a student or teacher

The dream may be an indicator that the person has a charming or narcissistic father who has deprived him of constant attention. You can fantasize about the overwhelming feeling of being fully loved by authority.

Sexual dreams they are a normal part of life and will reveal some of your subconscious thoughts throughout the day. Embrace your sex dreams and use them to learn more about yourself. However, if these dreams are bothering you too much, it is better to seek help from a mental health professional.

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Jessica Brown says:

Hi Bobbie,

I apologize for the inconvenience. Could you please provide screenshots to [email protected]? We will help you solve the problem as soon as possible.


Becky says:

What if you dream but wake up not knowing what you dreamed. So you think you didn’t have it at all. I wish I had sex dreams, I don’t have them in real life. How can you remember what dreams you had.


Candid says:

I have them very often. They are very alive. And it usually involves my ex of 20 years ago. This is my first relationship and I haven’t seen her in 2 decades. I wonder if he dreams about me too. It would be crazy if we dreamed about it together.


Sofia says:

The same thing happens to me with my x-husband. We divorced in 2014 and we often dream about him and me together. I also wonder if he dreams about me. We are over 3,000 miles away. It will be so interesting when we dream together too.


Kelsey says:

I love it


Butera says:

How about having sex without a face (I just feel them) sometimes a monster? Thnx


Angelica Clark says:

I understand that too. But for me, it’s people from past traumatic experiences that my brain doesn’t want to remember. Or it could have been someone you wanted and you liked their body but there was a flaw in their face that you didn’t find attractive and your brain screwed up on enjoying your dream.


Love says:

What kind of sex with a married man?


Angelica Clark says:

I’ve had sex dreams before and I remember them all vividly except for most of the faces. I don’t think the men had faces. But I remember all their bodies very clearly. Some of the dreams I had were of people I was in love with, but I never consciously thought about sex.


D says:

Two nights in a row. Once with an ex, with whom I still have a somewhat friendly relationship. Once with someone I don’t know.


Karl says:

When you have a dream, you’re not dreaming about someone you haven’t seen or don’t know, so it’s more likely someone you’ve just seen on video, waking up on the street, etc.


Karl says:

How about watching sex right at your place IN YOUR DREAMšŸ˜­


Sophia says:

I had another sex dream about my FEMALE manager and I feel weird because I have to see her every morning and I still remember my dreamsā€¦


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