What Does It Mean if You Dream About Flying?

What does it mean when you dream of flying?

Many people may dream of flying, in which you could escape the people, places or events that put pressure on you and feel a sense of freedom. A dream of flying often indicates your inner desire for freedom, because in today’s world it is difficult for people to break free from the trivialities of life.

Scenes in flying dreams are different and can be interpreted in different meanings. Following are some common dreams about flying and their implications.

Common Dream Meanings You Should Never Ignore

What is the spiritual meaning of flying in a dream?

On a positive note, flying always represents freedom in dreams. When you fly freely in your dreams, it seems to indicate that you could go anywhere. In other words, a dream about flying means that you could do anything and be anyone if you wanted to.

On the negative side, however, a flying dream could symbolize your inner desire to escape from somewhere or something you can’t stand. The stress and anxiety of your daily life may be the main cause of such a dream.

5 scenarios and their interpretations

Since flying dream scenarios are varied, here are some interpretations of 5 common ones.

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1. If your dream of flying is a lucid dream

A flying dream could be considered a type of lucid dream in which the dreamer can take control of the setting or plot of the dream. Meanwhile, you are actually aware that you are having a dream.

To experience the amazing flow of flying, one could practice the art of lucid dreaming. In lucid dreaming, your expectations actually shape the dream. So if you imagine superman awake while planning your dream itinerary, then that thought will come to you and you will fly like that.

2. If you dream about flying more and more often higher

This can mean success and freedom from obstacles. In fact, you may have overcome some difficulties and achieved victory at work, finances or a relationship. But negatively, the higher you fly, the harder you fall. So, this dream could indicate your pride, reminding you if you are actually bragging in front of others all the time.

3. If you dream of falling

When you dream of falling while flying, it may indicate a decline in your status and personal growth. Maybe some real life obstacles are blocking your progress and you seem to be failing in your endeavours. It’s time for you to focus on how to deal with the problem.

4. If you dream of flying with wings

When you dream of flying like a bird, it is a good sign of optimism and a new beginning, symbolizing a free spirit. Maybe some new opportunities are coming your way that will make you happy and ecstatic. It also signifies your inner strength and empowerment. You have removed all negativity in life and become limitless.

5. If you dream of flying in an airplane

It seems to mean that you have a clear goal in life. Airplanes mark life’s journey with freedom and independence. In this dream, your goal is under control and you can easily achieve it with courage and confidence, which means that you can successfully achieve your goal in reality.

As shown above, the dream of flying reflects your inner mind. Usually this kind of dream is positive in nature and means that you are moving forward in your real life. How to interpret such dreams and how to make decisions in life depends on your own insights.

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Us Andy says:

I really appreciate your site very much because what I read is my whole life actually…I appreciate it a lot.


Field Marshal Chimhini says:

I often dream that I will fly with my hands as wings, this dream normally comes after I tend to fail in my usual success in life when this dream comes.
Like last night I couldn’t find where I parked my old car at the mall with the help of security, it was flying and waving


Storm says:

This article helps a lot but I think my case is different because since childhood I dreamed of flying and now I’m an adult but still I can fly even though it feels amazing because I do it fly whenever I want to fly and move with any direction I feel like, today I dreamed again where I just flew to impress my friends and a stranger. I’m just curious, you know, because no one seems to understand when I say it.


AE Emmanuel says:

Please when you get your answer I would really like to know because I dream about flying, with my bare hands, I have heard this kind of dreams to the point that now I totally believe I can fly. And now I want to understand how to activate the energy of my body so that I can fly in the sky. That’s about as far as I’ve come with this Dre


Simon says:

That’s me.


HG says:

In my twenties, I often dream of flying. There would be people chasing me to hurt me like with a gun or a knife and just before they got me I would be able to get up and fly away. There was a time when I could see the city I was flying over, the houses and cars directly below me, and the sky was still.


Rhonda says:

When I dream, I fly away from demons! If I fly fast enough, I can get away from them. Their always more of them over the power to slow me down! If they make me stop. He disappears and I fly away again.


Aspiration says:

I’ve always dreamed of flying since I was 12, I’m an adult, now still, lately I’ve seen myself flying away from where I live because of enemies, even on the way in the air, I still met some little girls throwing obstacles at me , but I was so strong I couldn’t throw them away,

But the most surprising thing about the dream is that a very little girl was flying with me the whole time


Aspiration says:

I could throw hurdles back at the girls


Afees says:

I dreamed of flying too god I feel scared that why am I even flying n I try to knock myself down but I still won’t fall n I started flying in the sky like a bird.


Moyo MM says:

Great, thanks for the clear explanation..


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