What Does It Mean if You Dream of Wedding?

What does it mean when you dream of getting married?

A wedding is a wedding ceremony that represents the most sacred, beautiful and exciting moment in life. It is not uncommon for a wedding to appear in your dreams. Once you dream of getting married, it can generally mean a new beginning in your approach to your lover or life.

Different wedding dreams can be interpreted in many ways. The following are associated with some typical wedding dreams and possible implications.

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What is the spiritual meaning of dreaming about a wedding?

1. Dream about getting married when you’re single

If you are single, a dream about getting married could mean that in reality there is some other type of commitment that you are embarking on. No matter what the commitment or obligation is, your subconscious will present it to you in the form of a wedding so that you can better understand your role in it.

2. Dream about getting married to your girlfriend or boyfriend

It can be a signal that you expect further progress in the relationship with your partners. If you have such a desire in reality, you can discuss this matter with your boyfriend or girlfriend, otherwise it will become an affliction affecting your life.

3. Dream about your wedding preparation

If the wedding is exactly what you have been planning lately, the dream could be the result stress. The stress could have been the result of wedding trivia during the wake. In addition, such stress may also cause your tension or anxiety about marriage or responsibilities.

4. Dream of marrying someone else

If the person you marry is not your current partner, your dream spouse seems to symbolize the qualities you want to look for in your current partner or commit to in a future marriage. The dream reflects your subconscious desires for a love relationship.

5. Dream of other people’s wedding

If you are an observer of a wedding in your dream, the dream tends to correspond to some situation in your real life where you are not playing an active role. Most often, this is about a problem of your friend or family member that you have in mind. It indicates that you need to take some action.

Is it good to see marriage in a dream?

To interpret dreams about marriage, the key is to find out how the dreamers feel in the dream.

If you feel stressed when you dream of getting married, it may indicate that your subconscious is feeling the pressure of not being married yet, or that you are feeling unhappy in your intimacy.

On the other hand, if wedding dreams bring you happiness, they can have a positive connotation meaning luck in love.

Above are some explanations about wedding dreams. A dream about a wedding is usually a psychological mapping and embodiment of a real marriage, love, family or life as a whole. Once these wedding dreams keep bothering you at night, it may be helpful for you to reflect on these aspects in your life and take some action.

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