Dream about acquaintance

A dream about acquaintance it suggests things you have learned from your past experiences. You tend to approach the ideas of others without question or hesitation. In a certain situation, you have to exercise your rights and power. Your dream is a harbinger of your nurturing, supportive and giving nature. You are suspicious or distrustful of others.

Acquaintance means difficulties in communicating with other people. You weigh the positives and negatives of the situation. You feel guilty or ashamed of your actions. Your dream indicates feelings of being fed up with work, a relationship, or a situation in your life. You don’t have a complete overview of a situation.

A dream about acquaintance [personal knowledge or information about someone or something] is a sign for your past experiences. In some situations, it happens that you do not like it. You need to let go of some harmful feelings to regain control. The dream is a harbinger of your desire or need to escape from a restrictive situation or relationship. You shut down in some aspects of your daily life.

A dream about acquaintance [a relationship less intimate than friendship] denotes repressed anger, often from childhood. To get ahead in life, you have to learn something. You are involved with some dubious people who may harm your well-being. The dream is a symbol of how green or environmentally conscious you are. You literally have to tear down some of the walls you’ve built around yourself.

A dream about acquaintance [a person with whom you are acquainted] points out some important advice that you may have missed but need to consider. You may be reminded of memories from your early childhood. An opportunity needs to be seized. Your dream indicates your introverted personality. You are ready to face your past and your repressed emotions, even though it may be painful.

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