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Who is Hamza Shemayev, Hamza Shemayev ( Chechen : Хизар ВоӀ Хамзат; Russian : Хамзат Хизарович Чимаев; born May 1, 1994) is a Russian – Swedish mixed martial arts fighter of Chechen ethnicity who competes in the UF light middleweight and in the UF lightweight division. C. _ He previously participated in the Brave Fighting Union . Shemayev is a three-time Swedish national champion. As of April 12, 2022, he is third in the UFC Welterweight Championships rankings .

Early life and education

Shemayev was born in Chechnya , where he started wrestling when he was five years old. He won a bronze medal in the Russian National Championship at the junior level. In 2013, when he was 19 years old, he immigrated to Sweden with his mother, and joined his older brother.
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Mixed martial arts career
Hamza first started training for mixed martial arts when he was 23 years old. He trains at the All-Star Training Center in Stockholm , along with three-time UFC Heavyweight Championship competitor Alexander Gustafsson , Elir Latifi and Reza Madadi among others. Gustafsson (one of his main training colleagues) told a Swedish reporter that Hamza was one of the best fighters he had ever trained with, during a press conference in June 2019.

Shemayev has trained at the All-Star Training Center in Stockholm , Sweden since he was 23 years old. He moved there to start his mixed martial arts career in 2017, having previously lived in another Swedish city, Kalmar , where he trained at a local wrestling club. Hamza continues to train alongside current and former UFC fighters such as Alexander Gustafsson , Elir Latifi and Reza Madadi, the latter being his main trainer.

khamzat chimaev instagram

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khamzat chimaev age

Hamza has an older brother named Artur, who competes in freestyle wrestling . Hamza represents Sweden in a mixed martial arts competition , having moved to Kalmar when he was 19 years old. He has a noticeable scar on his lip, which he sustained at the age of two when he fell down concrete stairs, making him unable to breathe properly through his nostril. Hamza is close to the Chechen leader Ramzan Kadyrov , and the latter gave him a Mercedes-Benz , which he destroyed months later. Kadyrov also allegedly persuaded Hamza not to retire in March 2021 and to return to Chechnya , leading to speculation in the media about whether Hamza was forced to do so.

khamzat chimaev fight time

Before he started competing professionally, he worked in a poultry factory in Kalmar and also did security work.

Hamza was exposed to the Coronavirus in December 2020 and suffered from chronic symptoms that required him to be hospitalized several times and cancel the scheduled fight.

Championships and achievements
Mixed martial arts
Ultimate Fighting Championship
Tonight’s performance (three times) against John Phillips, Reese McKee and Gerald Merchart
Record for fastest consecutive wins in modern UFC history (10 days)
Record for fastest three consecutive wins in modern UFC history (66 days)
Best Debut of 2020 Ultimate Fighting Championship Fans
Brave Fighting Union
Best Knockout of the Night (1 time) vs Ikram Aleskirov
Nordic Mixed Martial Arts Awards – MMAviking.com
Most Hopeful Fighter of the Year: 2018
Fighter of the Year: 2020
Best Knockout of the Month for September 2020 vs Gerald Merchart
Newcomer of the year: 2020
Mixed martial arts fight
Most Advanced Fighter of the Year: 2020
Most Advanced Fighter of the Year: 2020
BT Sport
Most Advanced Fighter of the Year: 2020
Freestyle wrestling
swedish wrestling federation
2018 Swedish Championship, 92 kg Gold
2016 Swedish Championship, 86 kg Gold
2016 Sulakoop Championship, 86 kg Gold
2015 HammerSlaggate Championship, 86 kg Gold
2015 Swedish Championship, 86 kg Gold
2015 Lila Malarkopen Championship, 86 kg Gold

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