how old is nancy pelosi

Pelosi presided over the House impeachment of Trump twice — first for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress over the Ukraine scandal, and second after his supporters stormed the Capitol and tried to prevent President Joe Biden from winning after proof. The Republican-controlled Senate acquitted him twice.

Nancy Pelosi is in the headlines again after a controversial trip to Taiwan. The speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives made a diplomatic visit despite warnings of dire consequences from Beijing.

Ms. Pelosi is now the most senior U.S. elected official to visit Taiwan in 25 years. In an op-ed, she defended the visit as an act of diplomacy, calling on Americans to remember their commitment to supporting democracy in Taiwan and around the world.

Who is the longest running speaker of the House

Ms. Pelosi, 82, is one of the most powerful politicians in the United States. She is re-elected to a fourth term as Speaker of the House in 2021, becoming the second-presidential pick after Vice President Kamala Harris.

The BBC’s Anthony Zurcher said Ms Pelosi might see her trip to Taiwan as a means to polish her legacy in the twilight of her long political career. Although she has yet to announce her retirement, a Republican victory in November’s midterm elections could lead to her ouster. last time.

Closing her tenure as a speaker with a historic trip—as she envisioned, setting a mark for democracy over tyranny—may be her way off the stage in a flourishing fashion.

What nationality is Pelosi

Ms. Pelosi, the first woman in U.S. history to lead the House of Representatives, has played a key role in advancing or thwarting the agendas of multiple presidents.

Her legislative acumen, her ability to keep volatile parties united when it matters and her instinct for political drama have made her a force on Capitol Hill and a lightning rod for criticism from her critics.

Ms Pelosi has directly challenged Donald Trump during his presidency – known for tearing up copies of his State of the Union address behind his back.

Trump has responded in the same way, often making her the target of his anger and accusing her of running a radical leftist agenda.

What does Nancy Pelosi do for a living

During the Jan. 6 uprising, supporters of President Trump roamed the Capitol in search of the speaker and were photographed vandalizing her office and placing their feet on her desk.

The women who changed the face of American politics
U.S. congressional leaders’ homes vandalized
Raised in a political family
Republicans typically paint Ms. Pelosi as a San Francisco liberal, obsessed with big government and left on social issues.

But her roots come from a more practical political style on the other side of the continent.

She grew up in a political family, the youngest of seven children in Baltimore, Maryland, an east coast city where her father served as mayor.

Media caption,
Trump, Pelosi and Schumer’s heated exchange in the Oval Office

She attended college near Washington, where she met and eventually married financier Paul Pelosi.

They moved first to Manhattan and then to San Francisco, where Ms. Pelosi began working as a housewife.

Over the course of six years, she gave birth to five children – four daughters and a son.

The start of something big
She began dabbling in politics in 1976, using her past family connections to help California Gov. Jerry Brown win the Maryland primary when he ran for president.

She then rose through the state’s Democratic Party, eventually becoming its chairman and winning a congressional seat in 1988.

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