how old is dusty baker

“This is special because that’s where it all started. It was very special to be able to talk to all the people close to my family. And I’ve known someone from the very beginning. The people,” Baker told reporters in Houston on Sunday.Truly, this will be a storybook ending for all of us. ”

Garr said, “I love the Braves and I love Dusty Baker,” so I’m excited

Garr is now 75 and in his 37th year as a scout for the Braves. Based in Houston, he says being hired to manage the hometown team of Baker, the godparent of Garr’s children, is “like playing the lottery.” Garr has attended nearly every Astros home game this season, not as a scout but as the manager’s friend for over half a century.On Friday, when the Astros won the American League pennant, Gal sat proudly in the stands next to Baker’s wife and son.

“Dust has been such a wonderful part of my life, my entire family’s life,” Garr said.

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